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An excerpt from the Book

“I am ready to eat,” he said and his hands landed on the table with enough power to make the milk glasses jump.

“Then eat,” I told him and reached into the bread bag to pull out two cold slices. When he didn`t move I raised my eyes from my ham sandwich and stared at him.”Don`t you like ham?” I asked, because, you know, he could be a Jewish alien right? I didn`t want to offend him by not serving kosher.

“You do not expect me to serve myself, do you?” he asked, his jaw setting into a fine tight line.

“If you want to eat, you make your own sandwich. This isn`t the diner in town you know!” I barked and slathered mayo on my bread with gusto.

“Your mortal manners are most perplexing,” he said and sat back to study my actions closely, his arms folded over his hairy chest. “Are you not to fill the capacity of my servant?”

“No! I am sho not your shervant!” I hissed with a wad of ham and wheat in my mouth.

“Do you not fear the repercussions from not doing as I bid? Do you not realize the gravity of not bowing to a god?!” he blustered and glowered. He had the glowering down pat have to give him that. I swallowed and glowered right back.

“Listen here, chum,” I told him and shook my sandwich at him. “This meal is my act of charity. I suggest you make a sandwich, eat it and then take yourself and that cockamamie bird sleeping in my bathroom and hit the road.”

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